Created: 16 Mar 2017 10:50
Updated: 16 Mar 2017 10:51

Notice of Elections 2017
At the Annual General Meeting of the Club held on Tuesday 7 March 2017, the following were duly elected:

Flag Officers
Anne Billard - Commodore
Jonathan Hague - Vice Commodore
Iain Pickard - Vice Commodore
Paul Banks - Rear Commodore
Graham Broadway - Rear Commodore Training
Susan Lyons - Rear Commodore Social
Hunter Peace - Rear Commodore Membership
Frank Walters - Rear Commodore Marketing
Arlene Keenan - Honorary Treasurer

Members of Club Committee
Rune Bakken
James Donaldson
Ray Fox
Peter Hampson
Barrie Martin

President’s Committee
Jill Moffatt
Iain Muspratt
Peter Newbury
David Roache
Don Shackley