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Updated: 23 Dec 2014 15:57

Much has been said and written about the wonderful time we all had but these reflections from Julie on Cynthia Pyron's boat demonstrate the very special extra ingredient - the presence of our indomitable colleagues from the Corinthians!

Iain Muspratt

Vice Commodore




People ask, “How was your trip to France?”   

I can only answer, it was everything.


It was the beauty of intense reflections on the river and morning song birds;

And sometimes it was so much debris the locks couldn’t work.


It was five American women finding their way together;

Five women forming a team to navigate 28 manual locks.


It was the splendor of castles and a queen’s summer palace,

and observing the ways of the river muskrat.


It was the pleasure of a morning croissant,

And the surprise to discover I had ordered raw salmon.  


It was the kindness and hospitality of the Little Ship Club,

And awe at the detail of planning that went into the trip.


It was the efficient French rail system,

and a strike that interfered with our travel.


It was the creative fun of putting a song together,

And the humbling feeling watching people stand and draw closer to hear every word.


It was a line that didn’t make it to the top of the lock,

and the satisfaction of doing better over time.


 It was the Vice Commodore visiting our table,

Telling us we personified what is best about America.


How was my trip to France?

It was everything of life.


With Gratitude,

Julie Cook

Hague, NY


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