Created: 24 Oct 2017 14:56
Updated: 24 Oct 2017 14:56

A Class

1 Apex  (Haven Ports YC)

2 Brave   (Haven Ports YC)

3 Principessa (Royal Temple YC)

Wooden Spoon:  Hara (Erith YC)

B Class

1 Lodestar (Hoo Ness YC)

2 Cirrus  (Greenwich YC)

3 Pettie Fleur (Medway YC)

Wooden Spoon: Maid Marion (erith YC)

Line honours

Saturday A Class 

Principessa (Royal Temple YC)

Saturday B Class  Pettie Fleur (Medway YC)

Line honours Sunday A Class

Brave (Haven Ports YC)

Sunday B Class

Caroline V (Greenwich YC)

Sir Robin Knox Johnston Trophy (Awarded to the yacht club with the highest placed three finishers)

Haven Ports YC