Created: 18 Jan 2008 11:57
Updated: 18 Jan 2008 11:57
Saturday's fast cruise race is cancelled. Fast cruise organiser Mark Miles has just called Solent CG and QHM re. Nav Warning 1/08 and has called off Saturday's race. The 2,000 tonnes of timber washed from the deck of the Ice Prince when she sank off Portland Bill was reported in Sandown Bay this morning and has already appeared at the Nab. It is expected to start being washed ashore near Selsey overnight and tomorrow. They expect it to be picked up by the tide in the deep water channel and head towards the forts tomorrow - just as we expect to start our FC. Some of the bales of wood (3m x 3m x 10m) have broken up into 10m lengths. Some are intact and mostly submerged. Huge sheets of plywood (four 8x4 sheets joined together) are also in the raft of debris. Both QHM and the CG "STRONGLY RECOMMEND" the LSC do not try and have a yacht race through the middle of it. Weather forecasts are all over the place for tomorrow but Solent CG said gales today and - at worst - it could be F6 gusting F8 tomorrow, rough or very rough, and raining. This won't help with looking out for bits of sunken wood the size of Temptress, adds Mark. "The sad fact is that we have been made aware of the problem, we have asked for advice, and both QHM and the CG have told us not to do it. Under these circumstances there's nothing we can do but call it all off. I'm Sorry." Dinner has been cancelled at the Langstone Hotel. If any Northney based crews, or anybody else who wants to go there, decide to eat at the Langstone then they will be very happy to see you as they have food and staff for an additional 60 people on Saturday night. Just give them a call to let them know. "Temptress won't be going. We will be holed up and dreaming of a place where the sun always shines and cargo remains on ships decks," says Mark.