Created: 07 Feb 2014 16:45
Updated: 28 Jul 2014 17:22

For those of you who didn’t make it to the Club last Tuesday, you missed a hugely interesting talk.Built in Germany in the 1930s to provide training for the German armed services, the Windfall Fleet is the generic name of those boats, which were taken by the British Government as reparation after World War Two. Sailed back to England as part of Operation Homeward, the yachts were initially allocated to Navy, Army and Air Force of the British and Commonwealth Services; they eventually found their way into private hands.

Zeisig was sailed back to Plymouth by Lt Morin Scott, RNR, before she was renamed Sea Scamp and allocated to the Royal Marines at their Plymouth barracks.Sea Scamp had an eventful sailing life until 1984, when she appeared on the Admiralty Small Craft Disposal List and Tony Venables and John Kapp bought her on an impulse for about £9000.

The Sea Scamp Syndicate was subsequently set up to sail and maintain her.  

The Little Ship Club now has a very close relationship with the Sea Scamp Syndicate, and we have the great privilege to be able to sail her.

In return, we are welcoming members of the Syndicate to the Club, as they might enjoy some dry sailing on “plastic” yachts …