Created: 05 Feb 2014 15:01
Updated: 05 Feb 2014 15:06

Once again the Club welcomed Roxana for a Turkish Evening last Tuesday.Taz had prepared a wonderful meal, which reminded us of the wonders of Mediterranean cuisine.Between courses, we were entertained by Roxana’s dancing to the unique sound of Turkish folk music.Here I must confess that the green eye monster descended on my shoulder with a vengeance: blessed as I was by the fées present at my birth with 3 left feet, watching her twirl and undulate, getting her colourful scarves to move gracefully to the sound of music, was a painful reminder of how ungainly my attempts at moving to music are (so much so actually that it would be unfair to qualify those painful moves as “dancing”).And, like all professionals, Roxana makes it look so easy: always smiling, responding to her audience, so obviously enjoying herself as well as her audience’s reactions, that some were persuaded to dance with her. Not me, I hasten to add!For those who might associate Turkish dancing with a tawdry Dance of the Seven Veils (albeit without the ghastly ending, I trust!), do join us at the Little Ship Club next time we are graced with Roxana’s presence. This is an evening of fun, good humour, and … yes, if your fellow Club members take pity on you, you might even make a few pennies!