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Our Library is alive and well

Those of you who visit the Library frequently will know that it is in a continual state of evolution. Although it looks much the same, there is a slow but steady change of content. New books arrive all the time, we have to make space for them, we move a few around, we sell a few off to members. We ask someone to review an incoming book. We try to answer queries, hunt down information; and so on.

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Little Ship Club welcomes MDL Website visitors

Welcome MDL berth holders, we are glad to see you are interested in joining our Club. If you have not already done so please take a look around our website to get a taste of what we offer. There is much more to see in the members’ only area which you will be able to access once you join. We are also very pleased to offer you an excellent introductory incentive to join the Little Ship Club.

Yarmouth Harbour IOW

Yarmouth Harbour IOW - Navigation Concerns

Many Solent yachtsmen are unaware of the proposed changes to Yarmouth Harbour. The proposals allow for only one navigational channel from the Harbour entrance to the bridge, which in some places is less than 15 metres wide to the MLW spring tide line. David Barwell, a member of the Royal Institute of Navigation, writes about the proposed changes.

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Holman and the Twister

Charlotte Wilkinsons yacht Pouncer is an example of C.R. Kim Holmans Twister class. Between 1963 and 1983 over 200 of these sturdy, capable, highly regarded and pretty yachts were built in a variety of materials. Most are still sailing.


Tuesday evening Club nights

Tuesday night is the Club night when we have a published programme of lectures, talks or slide shows and afterwards a meal is available at a reasonable price.

How the LSC got involved in the Dunkirk little ships

The 1930s saw increasing evidence of difficulties to come and, as so often seems to be the case, Great Britain was ill-prepared. Breeding a new generation of naval officers and ratings, who have the experience and training to cope with the exigencies of war at sea, takes time.....

Club History

The Club owes its formation to a letter to a yachting paper suggesting that during the winter months, then the dead season, many keen sailing people would be glad of an opportunity to get together and swap yarns. So on 5 November 1926 at the Ship Restaurant in Whitehall, 27 enthusiasts met and the Little Ship Club was formed.

Start to Win book cover

Start to Win

Bruce Aitken, chair of the Eric Twiname Trust, recently wrote to the Commodore asking if he would alert members to the republication of Eric's classic 'Start to Win' with proceeds going to the trust. The full letter follows.

Grey Goose

Crew focus: Marshall Bailey on Grey Goose

 LSC crew Marshall Bailey has been enjoying the Fast Cruise series as crew aboard Jof Buttery's Hanse 400e Grey Goose. Read Marshall's report here. Grey Goose boat page is here.

Crew Focus: Nicola Carney on Batfish 3


Nicola has been sailing this season with Bill Blain on Batfish 3. The boat won the RORC points championship and last year's Hamble Winter Series with Nicola as navigator on some of the races.Bill acknowledged the importance of Conrad Tapster Galleonbrilliant crew by asking Nicola to come up with him to accept the LSC Conrad Tapster Trophy at the club's recent laying up supper in recognition of success in class racing . Read more about Batfish 3's success here

What are your sailing ambitions next year?

What are your sailing ambitions next year?

Let the team know about the sailing you want to do and chat with other members in our new forum. With so many members not getting to the club house very frequently we've started a virtual club house where every member can get involved with Skippers & Crew. To start with we want to know about your sailing ambitions. Please leave a comment here

New Crew Requests

Members are already beginning to make crew requests for next year. Some of the first are  Alja Schmidt-Van Dorp who wants to sail on the East Coast (click here); Dick Williamson who wants a Fast Cruise berth (click here); and Elizabeth Forbes who is selling Polly and becoming crew once more (click here).

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Reciprocal Clubs

The Club has reciprocal arrangement with a number of clubs both in the UK and internationally.

Unofficial reciprocal clubs

NVvT (Dutch Association for Cruising under Sail)

Royal Dart Yacht Club

Royal Fowey Yacht Club

Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

c/o LITTLE SHIP CLUB City Livery Yacht Club

Lloyds Yacht Club