New members evenings

There are three evenings scheduled for potential new members:

  • Tuesday 16 December
  • Tuesday 27 January
  • Tuesday 3 February.

Sign up and show off your Club.

Boat show time

The sail, power and watersports show at Earls Court takes place at the end of November. The show runs from Wednesday 26 till Sunday 30 November and volunteers are still required for the Club stand.

The London Boat Show at ExCel runs from Friday 9 January till
Sunday 18 January. Volunteers are now being sought to staff the Little
Ship Club stand. To sign up email the club office or put your name on the list in the foyer of the Club.

Farewell Martin

Martin Sedgwick has retired as the Little Ship Club's chief executive. His contributions over the past four years were marked with the presentation of a crystal decanter engraved with the name of his boat, Odin, at the laying up supper on 11 November.

As an active sailing member of the Club we hope to see Martin on the water next season and wish him well in his retirement.

Recipes Afloat

To get your copy of Recipes Afloat download the order form here.

The Club cookbook is priced 11.99

Club video

Peter Newbury is making a promotional video for the Club and wants to get hold of any footage of club members on the water, at rallies, pontoon parties, fast cruising and carousing.

Peter aims to show the Club at its best. He is hoping to have the video ready for the boatshow so please contact him straight away.

email Peter Newbury or call him 0771 149573.

Junior membership; the perfect gift

cadet members certificateThe Club is now offering Junior membership, a perfect birthday or
Christmas present for your children, nephews, nieces or grandchildren.

Along with membership of the Club, the young person will be given a framed print of an original watercolour by Patrick Smith, signed by the Commodore and with the child's name for 25.

Contact the Club office for more details.

Urgent recall Seago lifejackets

Some Seago 150 and 175 Newton Lifejackets, including Junior, may have a defect which could result in serious injury. The lifejackets are marked with a manufacture date in roman numerals, the quarters concerned are: IV/05, I/06, II/06, III/06, IV/06, I/07.

If you have an affected jacket stop using it immediately. Remove gas cylinder manually and return to Seago Yachting. Contact Seago Yachting on 01825 873632.

Easy forecasting

Club member Ian Hornblow is promoting a new system for weather forecasting called Moving Weather. The system aims to give access to up to date and graphically animated weather information from anywhere in the world. To find out more visit

Meanwhile, the system has been put to the test by Club meteorology tutor, Mike Birch, on the Corinthians cruise and there will be a full review in the next journal, due out in mid August.

Library's IT leap

Ian Malcolm has now joined the Library team and hugely expanded our IT expertise. This means that we can keep on working even while we are all away sailing during the summer.

So all of you who are doing reviews of new books can email your reviews to as soon as you have finished them.

Naturally we would like the books back as soon as possible after that so that they can be put on the shelves for other members to read.

Buddy up for new members

A Club buddy scheme has been introduced to enable new members to become familiar and comfortable with the Club quickly and easily.

A buddy will be assigned to each new member when they join for a period of a year. The coordinator of the system, Jeremy Burnett Rae, will try to match buddies for age, work or home location and specific interests or requests.

A questionnaire will be developed for buddy volunteers to fill in so these details are known.

The new buddy will:

  • exchange contact details
  • meet up and go through new members guide with new member
  • get to know new member
  • learn what aspirations and expectations the new member has on joining the Club
  • encourage the new member to try all Club activities once and be there to meet new member if possible
  • keep new member informed about Club activities and help with administration to sign up.

The Little Ship Club is cooking!

muscles and wine Calling budding Delias and Jamies; we need your recipes for a cookbook the club is to produce.

The project is the brainchild of London Boat Show stand volunteer Caroline Quentin. She suggested it as a way of getting visitor's attention at future shows.

Here is a chance to see your recipes in print! Were aiming to have the first edition ready for Christmas so the closing date for entries is September 2008. Send us your favourite recipes, which well collate and publish at There you'll find some hints and tips about cooking on board.

All recipes must be feasible to cook on board on a two ring hob.

Please submit recipe[s] in Microsoft Word format and state:

  • title and type of cuisine e.g. British, Italian, French etc.
  • if an oven is required
  • how many portions
  • approximate preparation and cooking times
  • ingredients and approximate quantities
  • any "top tips"
  • a digital photo, if you have one, of the finished dish
  • your name, your boat's name [if applicable] *

Email Julie with your submission vor any questions or see her on club nights.

Sales of the LSC Cookbook will include a small donation to the RNLI. Eating together is one of the joys of sailing in good company: sharing a meal on a summer's evening in the cockpit or pitching up on a pontoon for an impromptu pontoon party.


One memorable meal for Julie Coleclough was in 2003 on board Tom Davey's "Chicane" when it met up with Hunter Peace's "Lazy Life" in Luka Polace on the Croatian island of Mljet for a superb barbeque in a stunning setting.

polace party

2008 photo competition now open

If you haven't already started, it's time to get snapping while sailing and in the clubhouse! The 2008 club photo competition is open to all LSC and Corinthian photographers.

The closing date is Tuesday 4 November 2008, 7 pm

up to 3 Photos in each of the first 4 categories, please read the rules! all entries will be exhibited in the clubhouse with the judges' selection shown at the boat shows and published in the spring journal.

There are five categories for entries:

  • Category 1 - Waterscapes: includes marine subjects, e.g. harbours, moored and anchored vessels and inland waterways.
  • Category 2 - Making Way: any sort of vessel, but we need to see visible evidence of forward motion; eg bow wave, wake, spray or sails drawing. We also need to see some of the hull or deck!
  • Category 3 - Rallies: any official sailing event on the LSC or Corinthian calendar.
  • Category 4 - Familiar Faces: club members and families afloat on any occasion, ashore on official events, in the clubhouse, or at the waterside.
  • Category 5 - Nautical Art (Non-Photographic): a painting, sketch or drawing etc. of a subject that if photographed would be eligible under any other category.

Download an entry form and full set of rules

For more information please contact competition organiser Anne Malcolm

Yachtsmans bible to go online logo

Reeds Nautical Almanac, the long standing and much revered annual compendium of navigational data for mariners will be available online from July 2008.

Regarded as the Yachtsmans Bible, this long awaited development will see the launch of a dynamic online format, providing all the data required to navigate the Atlantic coast around the UK, Ireland, Channel Islands and selected European coastlines including the Mediterranean.

Amongst many other features, the site will include a comprehensive port and marina services guide and an extensive searchable trade directory.
The website will continue the Almanacs tradition of focussing on quality, brevity and accuracy of the information as well as meticulous presentation of all the data required for safe navigation. Comprehensive
facts and figures will be readily accessible and easy to use.

Commenting, Simon Whittley, Managing Director of Reeds Nautical Online said, There has been strong demand to bring this service to the readership. Reeds continues to set the standard for pilotage and navigation data and this easy to use online version will uphold this quality and provide a wide range of features that can only be delivered via an online platform. The ability to update data in real time is a huge bonus.

As well as real time navigation tools the site will feature:

  • enhanced chart capability.
  • dynamic weather forecasting with synoptic charts
  • tidal predictions and animated tidal flow charts
  • comprehensive port and marina services guide
  • extensive searchable trade directory
  • a host of membership benefits
  • mobile phone service

Janet Murphy, Director of Adlard Coles Nautical said: I am delighted that Reeds Nautical Almanac will at last be available online to help yachtsmen plan their passages with all the benefits that electronic search
ability can provide. As the Almanac of choice for many thousands of seafarers, this new development will open up a whole new world of comprehensive, accurate and up to date information for anyone going to

The Online Almanac will be launched in July 2008, please check for updates.

The Secret of Northney

Chichester harbour map

Join us for an informal, family-friendly weekend messing about in boats
Date: Saturday 24 May till Monday 26 May 2007
Venue: Northney marina, Chichester Harbour

Highlights of this informal rally include:

  • Activities to suit all ages
  • Opportunities to get afloat in dinghies or big boats
  • Beer and skittles evening, Saturday (at local pub) (12/adult, 7/child)
  • Boat-based treasure hunt on Sunday
  • Bacon buttie and coffee breakfasts in the marina bar
  • BBQ and party on Sunday evening (17.50/adult, 10/child)

download booking form

Record turnout for final cruise

fast cruise 15 march 2008

The last Fast Cruise in the 2007/08 series on Saturday 15th March saw a record fleet of 19 boats jostling for best position off the usual start line just east of the forts.

An aftercast from Bramblemet showed the wind during the race was initially about 10 to 12 Kt and between 090 and 100 for the first hour, followed by some very light winds as the wind veered, before building again 16 to 20 Kt just as the lead boats reached for the finish.

The simple course of long legs probably favoured the bigger boats. From the start line most could make the first roughly into wind mark without tacking. This was followed by a short, but slow, into tide downwind leg just as the wind dropped before a long beam reach to Bembridge Ledge. From here all made the Nab Tower in one tack where we then did a beam / beam sausage back to the Nab before the long downwind run home to the forts.

The quickest boat home was Ron Hilda who covered the 22.5nm course in 3:30:30 elapsed. Three other boats were under 4 hours elapsed. There then came a tight bunch of boats all taking between 4:20 and 4:30 elapsed. Pagan, Troika, Wight Wizard, Sobriety, and Willow all finished in that 10 minute window all hollering with excitement especially Wight Wizard as the wind picked up on the downwind leg to the finish.

Of particular note during the race was Martyn Grahams Willow a sound performer all season with a starting helmsman who timed the start to perfection and powered away from those who were being overly cautious. Roger Exwood on Pagan his 25 Dehler, with a formidable and enthusiastic crew, chased home much larger boats and justifiably won on Club handicap after a fantastic race. Graham Pinners small but perfectly formed Snoek, although two hours behind the first boats home, came second on Club handicap corrected time after rounding the Nab Tower twice in the same day an amazing feat. A mention in despatches must go to Paul Banks for bravely freeing a jammed spinnaker guy on Roger Rabbits Wight Wizard while Roger screamed encouragement and advice from the safety of the cockpit.

Bill Lewiss Musyk and his team of international stars, last years series winner, continued his run of bad luck this season and failed to find the groove. His sail trimmers apparently found it difficult to concentrate on their polars without Anns bacon sandwiches. Important lessons are learnt on every race and you can be sure Bill will have taken it on board for next season. Also disappointed but not bowed was Barry Brinsmead on Sobriety who thankfully resisted the temptation to lighten ship on the light air downwind legs by throwing his boatload of consultants overboard.

It was also a bad day for Scotland with Bill Blaines Batfish Bungling some assymetric gybes and finishing below expectation both on Club handicap and IRC. You cant put a good Scot down however so like that other great Scotsman Mel Gibson they are sure to re-appear next season after a summer practising for the Fast Cruises at Cowes Week and with blue painted faces will make amends.

1,2,3 results on the day for the Club handicap were: Pagan, Snoek, & Ron Hilda. On IRC Temptress beat Batfish followed by Artemis. The series winner was Ron Hilda, followed by Willow and Sobriety in third place.

Previous cruise reports

October 07 November 07 December 07 February 08

Lloyd's lets out Lutine

Club members can sail on Lutine, a Swan 53 belonging to Lloyds of London, thanks to a reciprocal arrangement between Lloyd's Yacht Club and the LSC.

In return for use of our Bell Wharf Lane facilities, Lloyd's YC has offered the Club free use of Lutine for two weekends this season.

Dates are not yet fixed but are likely to be in August and September. Each weekend between 8-12 members will be able to experience sailing on one of the most beautiful yachts in the Solent. Look out for details of how to apply for a berth when we have firmed up dates.

Members are also entitled to charter Lutine and the Lutine Belle, the LYCs Hunter 707 at the same rates as LYC members (80 per person, per weekend x 8 people), with skipper included. This can be booked through the Lloyds website.

Knox-Johnston launches Clubs City Luncheons

Sir Robin Knox Johnston and Keith Irons Club President, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, addressed the first of the Clubs City Luncheons on 29 February 2008.

Sir Robin talked to 100 members and guests about his world-beating experiences as a lone sailor in The Sunday Times Golden Globe in 1968-69 and in the Velux 5 Oceans in 2006-07.

He mimicked, with entertaining accuracy, the accents and dire warnings of seamen the world over, each of whom was convinced that their own home waters were the most dangerous he was ever likely to encounter.

Commenting on the dependability of his sparse 1968 kit compared with that available to him 40 years later, Sir Robin emerged as a supporter of 2007 technology when it works. Younger British skippers had been ahead of Sir Robins SAGA Insurance early in the race, but, unlike the Clubs 69 year-old President, they did not finish.

The City Luncheon raised 5,000 towards the City of London III Appeal for 1 million towards the cost of a new Tamar Class All-Weather Lifeboat to be based at Sennen Cove in Cornwall. This will be the third lifeboat to be funded by those living and working in the City of London. The LSC raised 20,000 for the same appeal in 2005/6 with its Round Britain Baton Relay'to commemorate the Club's 80th anniversary.

BBC wades into plastic waste debate

The BBC has joined the plastic bag debate with a report on 27 March that highlighted the threat that plastic poses to the foodchain.

According to the BBC, new research shows that plastic waste picks up toxic chemicals in the ocean. This enters foodchain when small creatures ingest the plastic. The concentration of these toxins increases further up the chain and is greatest in large mammals.

On 26 March the BBC described the plight of albatross, seals and dolphins affected by the vast build up of plastic waste around Midway Island in the Pacific Ocean.

On the influential Today programme, correspondent David Shukman painted a graphic picture of the problem. He explained its origins and reported volunteers' desperate efforts to protect wildlife.

The club's commodore Keith Irons has called on members to pick up plastic waste wherever they encounter it at sea, and in doing so to provide an example to the wider sailing community.

But while the volume of plastic waste is widely acknowledged, scientists disagree about its impact upon marine life.

Les Voiles de St-Tropez

1320 Sept 2008.

Organisers Lynn Griffiths and Mark Miles are keen to find out who wants to join the cruise, and in what capacity.

download a St Tropez cruise registration form.

LSC members are receiving 15 per cent discount from moorings, contact Mark Miles for details. We have a list of crew looking for berths if skippers require crew.

Skippers wishing to charter should provide:

  • their name
  • mobile phone
  • email address
  • size of boat required LOA
  • name of crew on board
  • confirmation if they're looking for crew - and if so number of crew required

Crew looking for a berth should provide:

  • their name
  • mobile phone
  • email address

Registration fee 10.00 per person

Note that:

  1. Skippers should book the boat directly with either Moorings or Nautilus Yachting
  2. In order to secure availability and discounted prices book as soon as possible
  3. Skippers and crews are responsible for their boats mooring costs, harbour dues and permits
  4. Either Mark or Lynn need to be kept informed of what boat you have chartered, who you have as crew, and if you need more crew.



British Virgin Isles Cruise 2009

British VIrgin Islands
photo Bareboats BVI

Cruise: 1428 March 2009
Spring racing regatta: 29 March5 April 2009

Organisers Lynn Griffiths and Mark Miles are keen to find out who wants to join the cruise, and in what capacity.

download a BVI cruise registration form.

Skippers wishing to charter should provide:

  • their name
  • mobile phone
  • email address
  • size of boat required LOA
  • name of crew on board
  • confirmation if they're looking for crew - and if so number of crew required

Crew looking for a berth should provide:

  • their name
  • mobile phone
  • email address

Registration fee 10.00 per person

Note that:

  1. Skippers should book the boat directly with either Moorings (pricing details and conditions to follow)
  2. Skippers and crews are responsible for their boats mooring costs, harbour dues and cruising permits where applicable.
  3. Either Mark or Lynn need to be kept informed of what boat you have chartered, who you have as crew, and if you need more crew.